Categories at a glance

Our categories reflect the full breadth of NORTEC’s product directory and will be focusing on new areas in production with “Industry 4.0” in 2022.

Production trade fair

Main topics 2022: Production trade fair

Hall A1 and A4

  • Production technology
  • Metal and plastics processing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial tool and mold making
  • Quality management and metrology
  • Positioning systems
  • Drive technology
  • Subcontracting, contract and toll manufacturing
  • Semi-finished products & operating equipment
  • Digitalization solutions
  • IT building blocks for medium-sized businesses
  • IT security
  • M-M communication (man-machine & machine-human)
  • Automation/Robotics, 3D Printing/
  • Additive manufacturing (prototyping & manufacturing)
  • Simulation
  • Mobile Devices
  • Operational Control
  • Design and product development


  • Joint booth electronics manufacturing
  • Danish supplier joint booth
  • hansesupplier
  • NORTEC Start Up Area
  • e-gnition Hamburg e.V.

Campus for the middle class

Key topics in 2022: Campus for the middle-class

Hall A1

  • NORTEC Auditorium
  • VDMA Workshop Industrie 4.0
  • NORTEC Round-Table Talks
  • Speakers' Corner
  • Lounge
  • Workshop area joint booth electronics manufacturing

All dimensions of value creation

Digitization has reached all areas of industrial manufacturing. It makes production and manufacturing more efficient, allows uncomplicated implementation of individual customer requirements, enables new business models and can also be incorporated into conventional production step by step, in smaller building blocks. NORTEC focused on this topic and showed "4.0 - Practice for SMEs" in Hall A1. Retrofitting existing machines was the focus here, as was data acquisition and evaluation for optimizing processes and the use of innovative processes such as lasers, automation and electronics.

At the heart of NORTEC, exhibitors showcase: machinery and equipment, tools and fixtures, control systems and measurement technology. Suppliers and contract manufacturers offer their services, as do specialists for the upstream and downstream stations of the value chain: design, calculation and simulation, control, IT, logistics, quality control and service.