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Register for NORTEC 2022 quickly and securely online. If you have any questions, our hotline will be glad to assist. 

Are you a first-time exhibitor?

Then select online registration without logging in and enter your details. You will immediately receive an e-mail from us containing a confirmation of your application.

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Have you exhibited at NORTEC before?

If so, you can log in here with your existing user and password. You will be shown an overview of your current details, which you can amend if necessary.

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How to participate in the trade fair

  1. Complete all the boxes in the application documents or the online form, and send them to us.
  2. Once you have registered successfully you will get confirmation that your registration has been received. Please remember that this message does not represent an absolute confirmation of your trade fair stand.
  3. You will receive our placement proposal a few weeks after hall planning begins.
  4. The next stage is when you receive written approval and access details for our Online Service Centre (OSC) with which to order services.
  5. Your invoice will be sent out six to eight weeks before the trade fair begins.
  6. Service orders (water, electricity, etc.) will be invoiced after the event.