Trade fair for manufacturing and campus for medium-sized enterprises

Seize the opportunities of change and create new added value with new offers - what is driving the production industry is also changing the NORTEC. With its´ innovative hybrid trade show concept, it structures its offers into two complementary areas, geared to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): the trade fair for Manufacturing and the Campus for SMEs.

Informative, educational and inspiring:

Trade show visit becomes an educational trip

The demand for information from decision-makers, buyers and users in the production industry is greater than ever before. In addition to technical progress, building up know-how is essential. Many companies ask themselves how they can produce faster, better and more cost-effectively, what investments and added value digitalization entails, and who can help them successfully carry out transformation processes. NORTEC provides answers to all of these questions. Clearly, understandably and in the language of medium-sized businesses.

Use NORTEC together with your employees to take away valuable knowledge and get your company passionate for the future of production.

Where to find answers to your challenges as an SME.

What are the major manufacturing trends? How should SMEs prepare for a successful future? What can Industry 4.0 do for your company? Tailored to the needs of SMEs and unique in this particular form, NORTEC’s diverse technical programme provides answers to many major questions about specialised manufacturing themes. Talk with renowned experts and establish new and important partnerships, some of which may involve joint pilot projects. 

Programme overview

Here you will find the complete NORTEC programme.

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